Her real-life stories about her Truths, her  

vulnerabilities and her strengths



After being told the truth - that the father she loved and admired was not her biological father - she started feeling like her perfect little family unit was not so perfect after all.

Because of her feelings of betrayal, hurt, and deceit, she ran away from home.  In doing so, she unwittingly made herself vulnerable to the streets – where she was eventually molested, raped, and taken advantage of – but, she stayed in silence and told no one, other than her parents.

She married at a very young age, and she went through several other marriages after that. In those marriages, she dealt with domestic violence, adulterers, drug users, being raped all over again, child molesters, and even death. However, she fought hard through each marriage, trying to make it work, mainly because she did not want to accept the reality of another failed marriage.  So, she fought through them, until she just couldn't fight any more.

Her strengths came from her relationship with and commitment to God and the power of her prayers to Him, from her parents who prayed intercessory prayers for her every morning, from her six children who stood by her side and loved her unconditionally through the storms, and from her grandchildren who taught her a whole new level of love.

Through all of her life's truths - her father not being who she was told he was or who she thought he was, the vulnerabilities, abuses, rapes, and failed marriages - God answered her prayers by blessing her with a great, loving, and supportive husband, a successful career, and the ability to bring her journey to life. This is a story that she hopes will inspire women and men of all cultures to know that they are deserving of capturing their dreams, if they preserve and hold on to their faith in God, in spite of life's calamities.

Author - Cheryl Hughey  

CEO-TC Royalty Publishing Inc. - Terry B Hughey